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Is a salad really a meal?

For me in the winter, a salad is absolutely not a meal. It leaves me feeling unfulfilled, bored, and wanting to reach for the largest piece of bread in the bread basket and slathering it with butter (okay, I think I always want to do that but in the winter with a salad, it’s more like I want to the whole loaf).

But in the spring and summer, a salad becomes the most delightful and nourishing thing for me. And do you want to know why? The first reason is that I like to eat with the seasons and find that nature knows best on what my body needs. So with that being said, in upstate New York the only time I can eat local greens and vegetables is in the spring and summer. The second reason is that nothing makes me happier than going to the local farmer’s market and picking out beautiful bright greens, sweet and juicy tomatoes, earthy beets, crunchy carrots that actual taste like carrots, and locally made cheese. So then going home and making salad for lunch seems like I am creating joy in a bowl that supports my health but also nourishes my soul.

So if you see me at the market with my giant market basket that my friends make fun of me for, make sure that you say “hi” and ask me for my favorite spring detox salad recipe! Or if you write me a nice note, I will email it your way.

Much love,


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