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We all just want to be heard...

Welcome to August my dear friends and readers!

As I sat down to write my monthly newsletter, I was going to write something catchy like “5 Tips for a Healthy Summer” or “Summer Eats” but honestly I just wasn’t feeling it. It did not feel genuine and it felt forced.

So as I sit here on overlooking the lake, breathing in the warm air, listening to the birds, and sipping some kombucha , a topic that comes to my mind is something that is not just relevant to summer, it’s relevant every day. People just want to be heard. This sounds like such a simple thing but every week as I meet with clients, who share their struggles and worries; I am given the privilege of listening to them. And through implementation of coaching and strategy, we co-create goals and intentions but the one thing that resonates with each client after every session is “they felt heard”.

I was able to hold the space for them to just be truly heard. And in this day and age where our interactions are sparse, our social media feeds are long, and the days are rushing past us, I have learned that people just want to be heard. And as I type this, my eyes well up because as a human being, I just want to be heard. I want someone to take time out of their day to have a genuine conversation with me and to be mutually raw, honest, and vulnerable.

You see, in my younger years I had such a need for perfection that it held me back. It held me back from being real to even the truest friends as I felt I needed to be a certain way. So now that I just turned a young 39, I want to show up for people in the same way that I want them to show up for me. To listen, to engage, to be real, to spark joy, to have fun, and to walk away from every interaction with a sense of “being heard” because I believe that is all we really want. We all want to be embraced with a warm hug, a gentle ear, and the notion that everything is going to be all right.

So this summer, as you enjoy al fresco dinners with your friends and family, put the phone down and make sure that they feel heard. When you hit up the market or local farm, look into the eyes of the other person as you thank them for the fresh fruit or vegetables. When you are strolling in your neighborhood, take the time to say “hello” to the people you pass.

Every day we have the chance to show up in the world and be the best versions of ourselves and for me, this means making sure that every person I engage with feels genuinely seen and heard.

Much love,


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