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Oh fall!

I LOVE fall so much! Hot cider, beautiful leaves, making cozy dinners, and cuddling under blankets. But the one thing that I dread this time of year is turning back the clocks. I am not sure about you but this daylight savings change has thrown me for a doozey. Every night this week at 5:30pm when it’s pitch dark, I keep saying to my family, “its soooo dark out, it’s ONLY 5:30 at night”. And it has left me thinking, how the heck I am going to make it through the winter with this darkness? So other than to move to Arizona, here are some tips I am going to be using all winter to stay happy and healthy!

  • Go to bed earlier! I kid you not when I tell you that this gal has been in bed at 8:30pm every night this week. I do this because I want to wake early so I can maximize the amount of sunlight I receive. And if you can get up in the morning and exercise, all the better, since physical activity (especially in the morning) can help with depression.

  • Stock up on nourishing foods. In the cold dark months, we tend to eat more. So perhaps instead of a big plate of pasta for dinner, think about a meal that is more protein rich. Here is one of my favorite fall recipes. And this one’s even kid approved!

  • Socialize! Winter can be isolating and some people tend to hibernate. Hibernating is fine every now and then but make sure you stay socially engaged through these darker times. So hit up the gym for a group fitness class or meet up with friends for dinner.

  • Take a Vitamin D Supplement. Many diseases are correlated with low vitamin D levels. Have yours checked by your doctor and ask them the correct amount of vitamin D to take if you need it.

My final tip comes from my friend Genevra, owner of Supergirl Fitness, have you heard about Abhyanga? If not, check out this information from Genevra.

I would love to hear from you how you stay happy and healthy all winter long. And if you need some addition support, I am here for YOU and would love to connect.

Much love,


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