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Self Care Tips To Get You Through Winter

Here in the northeast, it is really cold, really snowy, and dark. And this weather can sometimes leave you feeling tired, worn out, and a little blue. I want to share with you my top 5 favorite self care tips to help get you through winter with a little more ease, joy, and energy. 1. Get Outside: Guys, I know that it is cold and that the thought of going outside sounds pretty difficult. But I promise you, if you can get outside for at least 10 minutes a day it is going to leave you feeling more refreshed and uplifted. The key to getting and staying outside is dressing correctly. So make sure you have warm boots , a proper coat, a cozy hat, and gloves. 2. Nourish Yourself with Foods that are in Season: Make yourself soups, chili's, and meals that warm your body and fill up your soul. Click here for one of my favorites. 3. Essential Oils: On mornings when I wake up and it's dark, cold, and blah. I make sure to diffuse an uplifting Citrus blend essential oil to keep me feeling positive and awake. 4. Connect: It is easy to want to hibernate during this time and that is okay to an extent but you need to get outside and do things that light you up. That might mean meeting friends for dinner, going to a fun workout class, going skating at a local rink with your kids, checking out an art museum, or seeing a funny movie. Whatever it is that sparks joy, do that thing. Speaking of sparking joy, who else is watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix? 5. Make a Power Playlist: I actually heard of this from Rachel Hollis, who is one of my most favorite motivational speakers. She encourages you to create a playlist of all the songs that get you excited or just make you feel amazing. Listen to it often to help you feel good and encourage happy thoughts! I would love to hear your thoughts on these self-care tips and I am all about learning so if you have any tips for surviving winter, write me back as I would love to hear from you. Much love, Beth P.S. This photo was taken by Nikki Bittner. Nikki is a Energy Healer, click here to learn more about her amazing work.

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